ARS MINERVA- La Cleopatra Jennifer Ellis Kampani sang Coriaspe with sumptuous tones and iridescent waves of musical color. Hers is a voice from which I hope to hear a great deal more.” - Maria Nockin

Opera Today

VOICES OF MUSIC- Steffani Stabat Mater   It also included Monteverdi’s sensual madrigal Con che soavità, sung with great intensity by soprano Kampani.” - Niels Swinkels

San Francisco Classical Voice

ARS MINERVA- La Cleopatra   Jennifer Ellis Kampani a spirited Coriaspe and one of my favorites in the cast.” - Lisa Hirsch

Iron Tongue

Shameless Commerce"- Hesperus, Early Music Now I was most taken with soprano Jennifer Ellis Kampani, whose clear, focused voice has the bite and carrying quality of an operatic soubrette...” - Byrick Walters

— Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

Handel's in a Rage"- Baroque Band For “Tu fedel, tu costante” Jennifer Ellis Kampani joined the instrumentalists. She offered marvelous shaping of lines and an urgency that clearly communicated the meaning of the text. Her elegance and clarity, along with the transparency of the orchestra, made the cantata not just good music but good theater as well. Kampani took the stage again, this time for the cantata “Dietro l’orme fugaci.” Her smoky, smoldering qualities were perfect for the sections of the work where the sorceress Armida rages at the lover her has abandoned her. She contrasted this with a charming lightness when Armida displays resignation and a possible change of heart.”” - M L Rantala

— Hyde Park Herald

Handel's in a Rage"- Baroque Band, Chicago Soprano Jennifer Ellis Kampani was the compelling and conflicted victim of her infatuates' sordid infidelities. Her voice was stylish and nimble, and she inhabited her characters with uncanny sympathy."-” - Michael Cameron

— The Chicago Tribune